Monday, 13 May 2013

MONDAY MOMENT: Samantha Wills

Monday is here again.... let's not dread it! Let's celebrate the start to a new week with a clean slate... cringe worthy positivity? You love it.

Because it's Monday you know it's time for another Monday Moment... and this Monday we're swooning over the creative and fabulous SAMANTHA WILLS.
Sam is the founder and creator of the amazing jewelry line "Samantha Wills" which has an entourage of famous fans like Eva Mendez, Alessandra Ambrosio, Katy Perry, Kate Bosworth... the list goes on. We can't help but love the fact that a SW piece made it onto SATC!! The business began in 2004, when Sam a self taught designer debuted her collection (which she previously sold at the Bondi market) at Australian fashion week. SW now calls NYC home and the business is expanding rapidly, how proud are we of another successful Aussie.

LINK IT:  Shop the collection here

SOCIALLY you can follow SW on Insta @samanthawills or on twitter.

There is a really inspiring article here if you feel like a read!


  1. Anonymous5/14/2013

    Some beautiful jewelry in this post! Definitely will be checking the shop out :)

    Emily x

    1. It is beautiful isn't it Emily. We love SW x

  2. Major fan of Samantha's designs!!!!
    Just bought an amazing bracelet set!!!!!


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