Friday, 10 May 2013

Winter Wishlist



Everyone on blogger seems to be talking about the joys of Spring... well.. people... I'm on the other side of the world and revving myself up for winter. Autumn in Australia is very mild in temperature and we're lucky to sneak in plenty of beautiful sunny days in April. I shouldn't complain, I escaped a Melbourne winter (which was warmer than the English summer I was in) for a beautiful European summer last year. So I do deserve my hit of the colder weather.
One good thing about swapping the sun for the rain is the fashions. I do love me a new pair of jeans. I desperately need them as I split my last pair when I ate too much in Europe last summer.
I'm also on the lookout for a new coat. This season I'm loving khaki and camo, so we'll see what I can find.
As you know, little ol' 5'2 me loves a bit of height... espesh because my bf is 6'6... so these Vans are another amazing find for giving me a little bit of a leg up whilst still looking casual.
On the other note, I love an expensive piece of jewellery that you can keep in the safe for special occasions. This Hermes cuff is probably my most desired item of late... it is also the most expensive.

Winter... I can not get enough of basic T's especially in black.. how depresso of me. But they are excellent for layering in our unpredictable climate. Also good for those moments where you're freezing your butt off outside and then sweating up a storm inside... layers....

Clearly, I'm pretty good at talking shit.
Enjoy these items ladies. xox


J Brand slim fit jeans
$1,335 -

Vans trainers
$88 -


  1. Want those vans! X

  2. Love the leathery jeans! They're amazing xx

    1. Ohhh me too! They're so hot!!


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