Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Review: Dermaquest

The Dermaquest skincare range has a great reputation.
It was developed by Sam Dhatt, a cosmeceutical chemist who has years of experience. He was the leading chemist for many of the best-skin skincare brands in the world (over 700 companies) and decided to start his very own range.
Sam has developed products that contain cutting edge ingredients that achieve the highest possible results.
The products aren't cheap, but in the longterm, they are most definitely worth it. Always, use a sample for a few weeks to work out if the product is right for you. I was introduced to them by the lovely ladies at Skinastute and these are the products I have tried:

It took me a while to find the cleanser that suited me. Personally, the C3 Cleanser and the Daily Enzyme Cleanser didn't feel like it cleaned my makeup off properly or really cleansed my skin. Instead of being pressured into purchasing the cleanser, I kept trying until I found the right one, which for me, was the Stem Cell 3D Facial Cleanser. When I use it, it feel amazing, it's a slightly off-white colour (naturally pigmented) and is quite thick. You emulsify it in your fingertips (the size of a pea) and lightly rub over your face in circular motions. It gets all of my makeup off and my skin feels pristine and clear after, perfectly prepped for my next product.
Stem Cell 3D Facial Cleanser

The niacinamide is also a fabulous product, it contains vitamin B3 (a skin rejuvenator that treats acne, hyperpigmentation, improves the skin barrier and is an anti-inflammatory. It also contains MATRIXYL™, which promotes the production of collagen, what we all need to improve skin elasticity. it also contains RIGIN™, which increases tissue regeneration and lastly, sodium hyaluronate, which hydrates, and subsequently, plumps and smooths the skin. To apply the niacinamide you use one pump of the dispenser, distribute over fingertips and then apply to face and decolletage. Then 'press' it into the face, this helps it to penetrate. Then allow to dry before applying next product.

Skin Vitalight is a beautiful moisturising lotion that helps to inhibit pigmentation and even out skin colouring. It has a whole heap of great ingredients, including sodium hyaluronate. You apply a pea size to the fingertips and gently massage into the skin. It makes your skin feel so silky smooth!
Skin Vitalight

After a few weeks of using these products my face felt fantastic! It also visually improved, my mum actually asked me if I'd had botox in my forehead haha (it was poor lighting).
I highly recommend Dermaquest products, but most of all I recommend that get a skin consultation and then try samples that your beauty therapist suggests until you find the right one for you :)

It's very important to know that you cannot buy this product online. Although you might see it online, these products cannot be trusted. Dermaquest do not sell or distribute online so you much buy it from a clinic. These products are medical grade and it is imperative they are purchased and use accordingly.

Any Q's about these products, let me know. And I would love to know what products you use that you have tried and tested and and make you beautiful  xx


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  2. Anonymous5/22/2015

    I have been using few dermaquest products including hydrating serum and retexture serum . I have started to get acne on my forehand . I feel like this product doesn't suit my skin ? Can anyone help ?

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