Sunday, 7 April 2013

Adventures of late. 12 week challenge.

Hello Hello!
It's been a while since I've spoken about fitness or the challenge....
Don't worry, I haven''t neglected the 12 week challenge... completely, well at all really. I have still been working out like a motherf***er but let's just say the Easter bunny came... and I caved at the sight of a Lindt bunny... and maybe a hot cross bun.... and possibly a few other random chocolates.... Never mind.

Over Easter my bf and I decided that it was a good time to get away and have a little holiday. We wanted to go up the coast, and he had been dying to camp. After hearing great reviews from friends who go every year, we decided to go to Crescent Head. Crescent head is midway between Port Maquarie and Coffs Harbour, which for those who don't know is on the Northern Coast of N.S.W. Which for those who are geographically challenged... is in Australia.

We split the drive in two and stayed with relatives in Canberra for a night both ways. This meant that it was pretty much two drives of 7.5 hours.

If you already follow @poodlestalkers on instagram you may have already seen some of these pictures (taken from my iphone). If you don't already follow us... you should start :)

A cider by the beach.... heaven!

Apologies for the quality of this image!

How amazing are these photo's! Crescent Head is such a beautiful place and is only a small little town. I really recommend it for those who want to relax.

We ended up coming home a day early because it rained and we were on the verge of a camping disaster... think flooded tent.
We must've looked like we were really struggling with our tarp because numerous fellow camping neighbours often came up to us with their "camping advice". It was borderline embarrassing, but funny at the same time.
I'm  not sure when the next camping trip will be... I think we will have to be a little more prepared! Such a great few days though and I managed to sneak in some amazing beach runs.

Speaking of running, and fitness.
I completed my first long run a few weeks ago. If you remember I was really nervous (you can read about it here) because I'd never run over ten km before, and this run was 15km.
The fun run was a fundraiser for The Royal Children's Hospital.
The race was completely fine! I had a really steady and good pace going and I manged to run the whole way. My finishing time was 1 hour and 33 minutes. Not too bad at all! Especially for a first time 15km effort!
The orange t-shirt I have on below is hideous.... they should have chosen a better colour for the run and maybe more people would've bought the extra fundraising item.

All nervous for my 15km run!

Spot me!


  1. Well done on the run! Love your photos and I am deffo a member of the geographically challenged club...guilty xo

    1. Thanks beb! Keep up with the travels and your geographical skills will get better :))) There is no cure for not being able to read a map though... hopeless... I'm a lost cause. Glad you liked the post. xoxo


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