Sunday, 14 April 2013

REVIEW: The Glow Co.

This week we were lucky enough to receive a gift from Australian candle company The Glow Co. 
As self-confessed candle addicts we are so excited to be reviewing this amazing product.
Each scent is delicious and unique and are made from the very highest quality products. Each of the scents are personally picked and lovingly hand poured and assembled by owner/founder Jessica Niall.

We were given a small bag of sample scents to try out and share with you all! Plus, a full size 'Capri' candle.How lucky are we!

The packaging is absolutely divine. Clearly, we love the pop of colour... but also the label! Anything with a hint of gold screams luxury and expense! Which is amazing when each full sized candle (380g) will only set you back $30 AUD.

Please note... our candle did come with a lid... we were so excited to smell our candle that the lid did not last very long! 
By the way.... can you imagine our delight when we opened the box to find a gold foil interior. The box is nearly as good as the candle.

We had so much fun exploring each sample and deciding our favourites! Trust me... it is hard to just pick one favourite.

"This insanely beautiful scent concoction will transport you to paradise. Creamy & dreamy coconut, zesty lemon and a hint of lime make this truly an exotic scent for the coconut lovers!"

As we are both massive fans of the good old coconut we both loved Capri. It was literally like drinking a Pina Colada whilst covering yourself in tanning oil. If you want to dream of tropical Islands, white sand and endless blue skies... this is the scent for you. 

"Pink grapefruit makes the heart of this fragrance, blending sweetness together with tantalising tartness. Crushed with melon notes and a hint of softening blossom, this scent is sure to capture your heart!"

Flamingo Bay
"This euphoric blend of sweet fruits & blooming florals will have you falling in love! Romantic, soft peony blooms meet the sweet nectar of the lychee fruit, resulting in an indescribably beautiful scent."

If you.... like Blair Waldorf... love yourself a Peony... you will adore this floral concoction with a hint of fruit.  

"Arguably our highest selling scent, nothing compares to 'HOLLYWOOD'! A sweet musk base, with whirling caramel & juicy berries, with a hint of pink fairy floss. Addiction Factor: 11/10!"

Although we loved all the scents we sampled... this was the winner of 'BEST SCENT'. 
This sweet, but not overpowering candle is an absolute delight to experience. We believe this is a MUST HAVE among your candle collection.

La Luna
"The combination of soft florals, deep musk notes and a burst of fresh pineapple result in a sexy, smooth fragrance that is out of this world! [The Glow Co founder's favourite pick!]"

An amazing, fresh and feminine scent that will make you feel like you have fresh flowers in your home... nothing beats candles and fresh flowers. We adore this candle! 

"Laced with notes of exotic Moroccan spice, a lashing of honey and earthy woods, this scent has a way of transporting you to a place of sandy desert dunes..."

This candle is alluring, slightly masculine and simply divine... It's one of our favourite scents. There is a quality to this candle that makes you want to curl up in a blanket... it's comforting and warm. Nothing beats the rich earthy aroma of woods and spices with a hint of sweet honey. 

Candle and a bath... if only you could see the chandelier... Bliss!

Meanwhile... we will continue to blog with our new found love... Glow Co. candles! We didn't think blogging could get any better! 

Be sure to check them out by clicking here
You can also follow their inspirations on instagram @theglowco 

Stay tuned as we are going to be doing a Glow Co. giveaway soon!

♥ Poodlestalkers xx


  1. I'll be checking these out! x

    1. Omg you HAVE to! They are amazing! Let me know how you go lovely! By the way, I hope you sorted out your tech issues on your blog with commenting, I am def no tech wizz so can't help you there! At least your layout looks amazing :) xox


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