Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Love this look. My first successful attempt at Polyvore.

Love this look.

So... everyone heard of Polyvore? Yep... thought so. I'd used it a few times in the past to enter competitions etc. but could never seem to finish a set myself. I think it had something to do with the fact I was trying to use templates... it was completely difficult. This time I didn't use anything but the standard white background and it turned out quite good, if I say so myself. Not going to lie... it did take me ages to make a collage that actually worked! So right now I'm pretty pleased with my successful attempt. It's not perfect... but I'm loving it. I could waste so much time procrastinating on this website... if you've never used it... be warned it becomes quite addictive.

1. Peter Pilloto 'Stamp Shift' dress. $735 AUS (Who am I kidding?)
Love this dress so much. The colours and the print stand out and would look fantastic with a tan. You could definitely dress it up or down.

2. Chanel varnish in shade Nouvelle Vague. This polish was released in 2010... but I am still in love with the cool and shimmery shade. I think I will always have a thing for turquoise with a tan.

3. Windsor Smith 'Lily White Leather' $130 AUS. These white sandals are the perfect option for wearing a sandal that is completely stylish. I'm 5'2 but think it looks ridic to wear heels to inappropriate locations, so anything that looks casual with a sneaky heel is a major bonus. These shoes are available for pre-order from http://www.windsorsmith.com.au/lily-white-leather

I hope you liked my first outfit post from Polyvore! Does anyone else use this program and have any tips? I love hearing your feedback xox


  1. Love the set! Polyvore is so much fun, but i used to spend waaaaaay too much time on it...kind of addicting:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

    1. Thanks Mimi! YI know... SO addicting.. you can do some serious procrastinating on Polyvore! We love hearing from our readers :) xx


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