Friday, 26 April 2013

My house progress

Thought it was about time I updated you on the building of my house.
It's starting to get so exciting, it's actually looking like a real house (if a house had no walls!?). Anyway, we have had only minor hiccups along the way and are generally running to schedule (touch wood).
See the piccos below of what we've been up to (okay I haven't done much, but what my boyfriend and his crew have been up to).

My man building the garage frame 11/03/13

Frame is up! 23/03/2013

Me (looking disgraceful after LMFF) painting the fascia 23/03/2013

Fascia is up. Eaves being hung. I painted those eaves too! 06/04/13

Roof is on (although you can't see it from this angle). Wall insulation starting to go on. 20/04/13

Windows starting to go in. That's the back of the house, my future bedroom! 20/04/13

Bec's boyfriend (my boyfriend's brother) has been busy rouging in all the electrical wires. 24/04/13

So, unfortunately, a number of our windows and stacker-slider doors were damaged in transit, so we've had to send them back.
On a happier note, the timber cladding (silvertop ash) has arrived so that can start going on while we wait for new windows and doors!

Next time I update you, it will really look like a house, walls and all!

♥ Holly xx


  1. Whew! I can see that it was a lot of hard work, but it turned out really great. You did great in helping out by painting the fascia. As far as I can see, your boyfriend and his crew did a perfect job on the roof and insulation. I bet you guys won't have any problems once it's complete. Thank you for sharing this, and good luck on your new place! :)

    Josie Moretti

    1. Thanks Josie!
      I try to help out wherever I can, but it usually involves painting or feeding the boys haha :) We had a plumber fix the roofing so all is compliant and water-tight!
      Thanks so much for the positivity, it helps us keep going - it can be hard finding motivation when we do it all on the weekend, or whenever we can after work xx

  2. It's going great! Lovely choice of paint for the eaves. Make sure you don't forget to add gutters. It would be a big waste of money if your roof and sidings rot because of rainwater. Are those fixed or sliding windows?

    ABC Roofing Inc.

    1. Thanks Tisa! The eaves colour is called 'Tranquil Retreat', the name pretty much sold me haha!
      Our plumber has fit all the guttering and box gutters and is today connecting the downpipes (thank goodness, all that rain we've had here has left us with little pools of water where all the downpipes were to be connected).
      The windows are an awning style, so they can be opened. I'll do another update soon and you can see all the windows in and the stacker-slider doors haha, why am I so excited about doors and windows!!??

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