Friday, 12 April 2013

Fitspo Friday

Last night me and my bf booked our flights to Paris (and the return flights from Barcelona), I am officially ridiculously excited!!!!
We're leaving on July 31st, so when we get there all the way over from little ol' Australia, it will be the 1st of August and it will be summer! (summer is from start of June to end of August, in case you didn't know)
We are travelling from Paris, down to Bordeaux, across the border to San Sebastian and lastly to Barcelona (and maybe another place of two depending on how it all pans out). We have got three weeks to explore these wonderful and most wondrous places.
We chose this time of year deliberately because we want to relax on the beaches of south west France and Spain - and HOPEFULLY we will have built our house by then too! 
However..... so Bec might be extremely consistent in her health and fitness routines (read about her health dedication here, here, here and here), I, alas, am not *sad face* (that chocolate seems like a great idea at the time and generally I prefer sleep to sweat). 
Now these Europeans get around in nothing but a skimpy bikini bottom and I can't even confidently strut around in a full-covering bikini! So I've got some work to do.
Hence, I have frantically searched the web for some seriously inspirational bodies! I need to get my butt in shape.

I do take some comfort knowing I have a solid 3 months (well 3 and a half months) to tightly tone myself into a cellulite and flab-free goddess. Okay maybe not a goddess, but I need some improvement! 

Anyone else in this situation?
This is the beginning of my journey to a fit fab and fantastic figure.

Is these super amazing bodies can't inspire me, then I have no chance at all...

Oh, and if anyone has any ideas about France or Spain, please pretty please let me know. We've never travelled in Europe before and any advice, suggestions would be much appreciated.

♥ Holly xx

All images from tumblr


  1. I'm excited for you! I've been to Barcelona and loved it, very relaxed and cool vibe.

    My only advice is it is a pick pocketer/thieves haven so keep an eye on your stuff and don't put all of your money, passport etc in one of those folder things (my friend was robbed in Madrid!). That is the only downside as far as I could tell and I had no problems :) Hope you have an amazing time.

    I am off to Croatia end of June, so exactly same position on the fitness front. Please spur me on to :) x

    1. I've heard so many good things about Spain, can't wait!
      I'll keep in mind that there's lots of pick pocketers around though. Good tip to not keep all your money and passports in the same bag! Hopefully I can get a safe wherever we stay.

      Oooh Croatia, I've the beaches are great there. Although one of my friends stood on a sea urchin haha. One of the spikes didn't come out for like 2 months, yuk.
      I'll make sure we keep some good fitness and health post going, we'll both need them :)


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