Saturday, 27 April 2013

Review: Actinica

What is the most effective anti-aging product on the market? I have been told by an array of of beauticians and clinic technicians that sunscreen is by far the best product, it's a preventative method, instead of treating the problem after it has occurred.
And who doesn't love summer, going to the beach, relaxing in the sun and the ocean. But it can be annoying, constantly applying sunscreen that irritates your skin and melts off.
I've recently started using a product called 'Actinica'. I know, it sounds scary and not something you would want to put on your face, but I have seen some pretty amazing results since using it, here are the facts:
  • It is listed as having a SPF of 30+, but it is actually more like 100 (legally, products in Australia cannot be advertised as having a SPF greater than 30).
  • Actinica is a broad spectrum sunscreen and protects from both UVA and UVB radiation
  • Two hours sweat and water resistant
  • The specialised measured dose dispenser ensures you use the correct amount of product (160 applications - but if you only use it on your face/neck area you will get 320 applications)
  • Fragrance free
  • Contains no nasty nano particles
  • Clinically proven in trials
  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards 
  • Recommended for people who are susceptible to skin cancer or who have a low immune system

Okay, so it's really not sounding that amazing so far but let me share my experience with it.
I first got a sample from Skinastute, where they swore it was by far the most important part of any skin care regime. I used it everyday. Initially, I found it to be too thick, a bit sticky, my face was oily and shiny part way throughout the day (although my skin was pretty oily to start with) and I was getting tiny little bumps on my face (clogged pores).
Upon my return to Skinastute I declared that I didn't like it and I wanted to try a Dermaquest moisturiser that also protected from the sun. I was told that it was not a good idea to use a moisturiser with sunscreen in it as I would need to apply it every two hours, whereas Actinica only needs to be applied once a day (unless you work up a serious sweat or go swimming). So, instead of getting a new moisturiser sample to try, I was given another Actinica sample and directed to:
  • Use only a small amount - the size of a 10 cent piece, literally as flat and as round as a 10 cent piece
  • Rub into fingertips quite vigorously and apply over the face, basically pushing it into the skin (not too rough, just firm).
  • Cleanse thoroughly at night.
So I did as directed and what do you know, it worked! My skin was less oily and bumpy and well protected. Who knew that following the instructions could make such a difference!?

I used it over summer and not once did I get burnt. On one particular day I didn't realise how hot it was and I went for a long walk along the beach. Later that day I discovered I had very burnt decolletage, but my face was perfectly fine. A week later my chest was peeling, and I was completely convinced that Actinica was for me :)

The next time I was back a Skinastute I made the purchase

The bottle looks tiny, but I promise it's not!

So it's got fairly ugly packaging and has writing all over it in a million languages but the effectiveness of the product as well as the ease of using the pump dispenser make up for it! 
Also, I've spoken with individuals that suffer from skin conditions like rosacea and extreme sensitivity and they have found this product to be very effective and non-irritating.

So overall, I love it! You should be able to get a sample at any clinic that stocks it.


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