Tuesday, 19 March 2013

12 week challenge: Healthy Habits.

My last WOW was a "strength" WOW.... which is not really my strongest attribute! But I'm working on it! It included:
  •  Bench pressing for 2 mins as many as you can (at quite a weight... it was hard work I tell you).
  • Bench pressing for 1 min.
  • Dead lifts, as many as you can in 2 mins. I had to modify my weight because I had a sore back... but it was still really hard!
  • Dead lifts for 1 minute.
  • Weighted lunges on one leg for 2 mins.
  • Weighted lunges on the same leg for 1 min.
  • Weighted lunges on the other leg for 2 mins.
  • And then again for one minute......
If you're wondering what I'm talking about when I mention a WOW workout... then read here. Remember... this isn't the only workout I do in a week. I usually exercise 5-6 times a week, the WOW just being one of those.

Moving on... I thought this week I would share a little bit about myself and some of the changes I have made to my lifestyle.
  • I've stopped adding salt when cooking or seasoning... Hard to do but so much better for you. It's crazy how much hidden sodium is in all the food we eat! I always check out the nutritional stats on the back of products. You may get carried away looking at the kj/calories, fat or sugar... BUT DON"T FORGET THE SALT!!
  • I've started taking Chlorophyll "Chlorella" supplements. Fellow Poodlestalker Holly bought be a Women's Health subscriptiion for Christmas (she knows me too well) and I saw "Chlorella" advertised. Did some research and thought I'd give it a try. If you want to find out more about this product you should click here. But basically it is a detox tablet that helps to naturally flush out toxins, metals and pollutants that we breathe and digest every day without even knowing. Just a tip... If you want to start taking these... startly SLOWLY... one a day... they get you going... if you know what I mean...
  • I've added a protein shake into my daily diet. I have previously pictured this Whey dominant powder in our Super Orb Recipe. I usually have 1-2 shakes a day and it's great because I can have it on the go (usually in the car on the way to work) (Let me stress... I do not encourage a 'liquid diet' and I in no sense encourage people to not eat.) You can buy it now or read about the nutritional facts. I swear by this powder and it's great for people who want to maintain lean muscle, lose the fat and feel fuller for longer!
  • MOST RECENT change: I've added another supplement into the mix. It's by the same brand 'Evolve' and it's called L-CARNITINE. There's a big spiele about it on the previous website I linked... but to cut a long story down... L-Carnitine basically is an amino acid derivative that helps the body break down fatty acids and helps the body use fat for energy! Good-bye fat!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a little snoop into my current health/fitness route. Let me know if you have any great products or have any questions.

We love hearing from you xxx


  1. Great post! I want to start becoming more fit & healthy for summer, thanks for the great tips!


    1. Thanks Von Piki. So glad you like it, it means a lot to us. Good job on becoming healthy. xxx


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