Friday, 1 March 2013

12 week challenge.


Ever since I (Bec) returned from my backpacking adventure 4 months ago I have been working out very hard to return to my pre-europe state! Eating pasta and pastries helped contribute to my four kilo increase.... People didn't seem to notice (or so they said). But I definitely noticed in myself and how my clothes fit! Screw the scales... you can tell by the way your everyday clothes fit. My jeans ripped.... I knew.

Anyway, enough rambling. I have been working out really hard ever since...
My gym has recently started a "New 12 week Challenge" which I have entered. Yay! I'm excited, they take your photo's and measurements so you can see your results. They also give you a metabolic presicion diet, which isn't so much about restricting or cutting out food... but more eating what at the right time to increase your metabolism.

Everyweek I do what is called a WOW workout... Workout of the Week... (You can check out the challenge in more detail here)
My trainer is fierce and I like it! You def need someone to push you at that moment when you mentally give up!

750m row (AS HARD AS YOU CAN)
Exactly 1min break.
1.5km run on treadmil (AS FAST AS YOU CAN!)
1min break.
300 skips.
1min break.
750m row (AS HARD AS YOU CAN)

You are timed for the whole thing. If you go over the minute break then that is added to your overall time, so no matter what you don't want to go over in your break!

I did it in 20 min and 08 seconds... and let me tell you... I was STUFFED. So keeping up with the FIT theme I wanted to share some more motivational 'fitspo' to help us all stay focussed!

You should try it... but if you do make sure you go as hard as you can.... as these workouts are designed to be pumped out and not taken at a leisurely pace!

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