Saturday, 9 March 2013

12 week challenge. WOW #2

First of all... this week has been horrible. Our family cat "Cuddles" got run over a few days ago.. and it's all very sad. It's funny how attached you get to your pets... they are very much a part of your family... so when they're gone it's awful. We're all missing her quite a lot. But I like to think that she was asleep in the sun and then she was gone. She wasn't in pain. It was fast. : (

RIP Cuddles.
So I've been keeping myself busy with working out...

Last week I mentioned I had started the 12 week challenge! (You can catch up by clicking here if you missed it.)
I have been doing really well this week and have been quite strict with following the Metabolic Precision Diet. Go me!
As I mentioned last week, I do a WOW workout every week. Last week was hard... but this week was even harder! You do this workout on top of what you usually do in a week! Hell I tell you... I have to say I do enjoy it though... a lot! My Personal Trainer is fantastic and she really pushes me when my mind tells me to stop.

Video of two trainers from Goodlife doing this weeks WOW
Each circuit consists of:

Box Jumps is using a large box not a lower one.
The 10 Pull-Ups are set to 25kg for women and men don't use the assisted machine.
The 30 Jump Lunges use no weight.
The 20 Dumbbell Burpees is lifting two 8kg dumbbells (HARD)
The 20 Plated Sit ups is using a 5kg weight plate.

If you don't do the rep properly then it isn't counted and you have to do that rep again for it to count.

To do as many reps as you can in 20 MINUTES!!!
Each rep is worth 1 point.
So each round is worth 100.

I got 266. Meaning I did two complete rounds and then got up to the burpees. OMG. I was stuffed afterwards... and my body is pretty sore today!
But today is not rest day, about to head out on a 10km run... my 15km fun run is only 2 weeks away!

Looking forward to Sunday... REST DAY!

See what you can do!! I'd love to see how you go! You can do it :)

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