Tuesday, 26 March 2013

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Poodle Stalkers hit up LMFF on Friday night.
We literally had the best time and have decided to make it an annual event. We only got our tickets a week ago so outfit planning was frantic! Gah.

Holly's outfit:                                                      
Top: Wayne Cooper                                                                  
Bag: Chanel (my fave)
Pants: Bardot
Shoes: Rubi
Accessories: my cuff is Breile, my watch is DKNY and my necklace and earrings are Tiffany. Lipstick is MAC (Viva Glam - Nicki Minaj)

Bec's outfit:
Top: A t-shirt I stole from my bf, can't say i own too many tee's from 'TopMan' but this is one, and I love the stripes!
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Skirt: Topshop leather number which I absoloutley love.
Accessories: My bangle was from Forever New and my necklace was a gift from my bf it's from Mimco.
Shoes: Tony Bianco... aren't they amazing!

This is what we wore!   

We went to Runway Show 5, which was supported by Harper's Bazaar and showcased these designers:
Sass and Bide
Arthur Gallan
Christopher Esber
Easton Pearson
Karla Spetic 

Some highlights:
Ellery: I adore this brand and they definitely bought it on Friday. Think stylish, sophisticated and daring all in one. Short shorts, leather, blazers... loved it all.
Sass and Bide are one of my favourite Australian labels and they definitely did not disappoint us! Think suits, white on white, total black and pops of neon. Everything was sleek and structured.
Bassike teamed geometrics with a galore of black and white outfits sometimes with a touch of red.
I have to say, one of the highlights of the show was Arthur Galan. But it really was so amazing.
If you want to see more from the show we went to you can check it out here

The show was fabulous, the models were gorgeous, the music was pumping, we had great seats and we enjoyed a glass of sparkling while we watched! We also got a copy of Harper's Bazaar on the way out.

haha we had so much fun taking weird looking pics of ourselves in the blue light. Avatar orrrrr....

We downloaded the LMFF app for extra info.

Afterwards we visited the L'Oreal Powder Room, where we both got our lips done (Holly got 'Pink Passion' and Bec got 'Cassis Passion.' We also picked up a goodie bag each that had a mini hairspray, shampoo, conditioner and treatment tester, as well as a primer, nail polish and eye shadow. Score!

The girl doing my makeup was such a sweetheart!
After we were all lipstick'd up, we headed next door to the Woolshed pub, where we enjoyed a few more wines along with some dips, squid and salad.

After all that we made our way to Crown Casino. Rest your mind, we're not gamblers (ok we might have bet $4 in the Miss Kitty pokies machine, but that's all, pinky swear), but we have a serious soft spot to indulge ourselves at The Waiting Room Bar at the end of a night out, it's very much our guilty pleasure. So, as usual, we thoroughly enjoyed an Espresso Martini each.

All in all it was a great night, that we finished off by strolling home and a few more glasses of red xx

How good is our view! A great end to a fabulous night.


  1. You both look amazing and this looked like a lot of fun xo

    1. Thanks Emmy you're such a sweetheart!!
      We had to organise our outfits very quickly but we were happy with how they turned out!
      It was such a fun night, we would recommend it to all who love fashion


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