Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bathroom beauty

I (Holly) am in the process of building my first home with my boyfriend (carpenter & plasterer.. very lucky). I tell you what, this owner-builder nonsense is bloody hard work, and to add to the pressure we are now picking out all of our interiors. I have a strong love for bathrooms, you really do spend a lot of time in there, and sometimes it's the only time in your day when you can relax (if you're not frantically washing your hair like I usually do). Here's a few images that are inspiring me  xx

I love the simplicity of this space, the recessed towel storage area is a great use of space and looks effective. The concrete surfaces of the bathroom are to die for (if I only I could afford it)

This space doesn't have a whole lot of storage space but the sink looks great without a bulky cupboard below it.

The only thing I don't like about this bathroom is the floor tiles. The basins, lights, cupboards, storage shelf... all fabulous. The mirror is effective but if it was mine it would be bigger, the mirror can never be too big haha

This space is not a typical bathroom but it is what I would call a 'powder room' or equivalent, which I automatically associate with a bathroom. It's so luxe, the fur covered stool, perfume bottles, large mirror and timber floor are gorgeous.

This entire room is stunning. You may have realised that I like decor very plain, straight lines, neutral colours, stainless steel and timber. This has all of those elements... and a rain shower OMG

The tiles in this bathroom are perfection, exactly what I want in mine! I'm not really into built-in baths but the storage area along the side of the bath makes it far less ugly and a usable space. Again, the simplicity of the vanity makes this very appealing.

More white and natural light and more great storage areas, what more can I say?

The free standing bath adds real wow factor here. But it does not completely detract away from the concrete surfaces, fur rug and adrorable stool.

I love all of the timber in this bathroom. The overhead lighting is also a great feature.

More natural products..... stone and timber

The two basins built into the bench and the timber shelf below, along with the natural light coming through that window are just beautiful

The timber grate, timber bench and recessed shelving area in the shower make this bathroom stunning. I would love the floor of my shower to be timber but I worry it would get mouldy and slimy, has anyone got any experience with these?

Basin - Need I say more

I love the shape and size of this tub and the timber feature wall with recessed shelf add the simple beauty of this room (shells, not so great)

Another stunning tub, and more timber. I could imagine soaking in this room looking out into the tranquil garden, ahhh it's relaxing just thinking about it

Have you noticed how I love timber shelves, white walls and neutral tiles floors? This is another example of how those elements work so well together

The timber feature ceiling does not take away from the stark light of the bath and basin, it just adds to the drama

Another fantasy. Soaking in this spa at dusk with candles lit and a serene garden, mmmmmm yes please

Last but not least, this shower, with the recessed shelf and neutral colourings, is lovely. I would gladly shower in here every day of my life

Please let Poodle Stalkers know if you know of any good websites/blogs/etc that will help me with my designing dramas!

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