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Does anyone else have thin hair? 
Sometimes in a ponytail I feel like it's so wispy and volume lacking! When I was in London recently I found this store called "Claire's" which is basically a cheap hair/beauty gadget shop. They sell everything from magic buns to hair extensions and for a pretty reasonable price.  Everything is aimed at the 'tween' age group but who cares I got my Perfect Pony!

The small plastic insert is kind of creepy looking. You can't see much here, but it is hollow inside! (Make sure you do not insert any hair down the middle of it.)

Below is some simple instructions on how to use it and what it looks like.

STEP ONE: Hold a small section of your hair up. Make sure you have enough pulled back to cover the top of the plastic insert.

STEP TWO: Insert the plastic pony under the section of hair. Make sure the longest part of the device is on the bottom and that the plastic is firm against your scalp.

STEP THREE: Gather the rest of your hair up and around the plastic device, making sure the object is completely covered. It is quite simple and easy to do!

STEP FOUR: Carefully hold hair in place while putting large thick hair-tie around ponytail. (The kit comes with four) It is difficult to do this yourself and can take some practice as you have to keep the pony in the right place. You will only be able to tie the hair tie around twice and this should be enough to hold it in place.

 AND... tada... you're done. Easy!! Even the most hair illiterate people could manage this. Now you have a thick healthy looking ponytail!
For a finishing touch you can twist a small piece of hair around and secure with hair pin to create the no elastic look.

Clearly when we made this post we were affected by the bottle of wine we shared! Before is After... and After is a basic ponytail.... ooops.

The Perfect Pony is mostly comfortable to wear... however, if you have to sit with your head back against something eg. at the movies I wouldn't recommend wearing it.
The only other thing that I was disappointed in was that I love to wear a high ponytail. It might just be because I have thin hair... but every time I tried to wear it up high the ponytail would part and you could see some weird plastic object against my head!! So low ponies only ladies.

All up, I love my Perfect Pony and is a nice way to create volume and dress up a standard hair style.

Apparently David Jones and Priceline sell this particular brand (RRP $9.95) What a bargain!  

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