Saturday, 9 February 2013


Hello kittens,

Welcome to Poodle Stalkers.
It's exciting that we can FINALLY start blogging!

To break the ice we'll tell you a little about us. Riveting stuff.

We are Bec & Holly.
{insert typical cheesy grin photo} 

We've been talking about this blog for a while now and we finally bit the bullet and created our account!
The idea to write a blog started after we both realised we love searching the Internet for cool ideas and inspiration photo's about beauty, fitness, quotes, interior decorations, DIY's and  fashion. We wanted a place to share it all with the big old world.

Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest we already have a huge encyclopedia of all the things we love. But we wanted to take it that one step further.


We hope you like all the exciting things to come.

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