Sunday, 24 February 2013


Fishtail braids look amazing on all types of hair and can easily go from a day look to a glam night style.

STEP ONE: Start with brushed hair, add a bit of volumising mousse or dry shampoo before you start to give extra texture. Part top of hair as desired. Separate the back of your hair into two equal sections.
STEP TWO: Separate a small piece of hair from the right side.
STEP THREE: Cross the small piece of hair over to combine it with the left section. At this point you should have two separate sections again.
STEP FOUR: Separate a small piece of hair from the left section.
STEP FIVE: Cross the small piece of hair over to the right section.
STEP SIX: Combine the small piece of hair with the right section. Again, you will now have two separate sections.
STEP SEVEN: Repeat step 2 by separating a small piece of hair from the right side.
STEP EIGHT: Repeat step 3 by crossing the hair over to the left side and combining.

STEP NINE: Continue to repeat steps 2-6.
STEP TEN: Keep braiding down the length of the hair, ensuring you maintain a firm grasp on each side as you progress... I know it takes a while.
STEP ELEVEN: You can do it, you're nearly at the end.
STEP TWELVE: Secure the end of the braid with a hair elastic.

STEP THIRTEEN: Begin to loosen the braid slightly towards the top of your braid.
STEP FOURTEEN: Gradually make your way down the braid, loosening as you go.
STEP FIFTEEN: Admire your handiwork.
STEP SIXTEEN: Slip the braid over one shoulder to add a girly touch and so you can show your fishtail off.

Keep in mind:
  • Try to keep the top of the braid relatively tight so it doesn't fall out too easily.
  • If you find it too difficult starting the braid off, you can secure it with a hair elastic (low ponytail) first. You can then either leave the elastic in or remove it.
  • You can choose to keep the braid tight down the length of the hair, which will leave your braid looking very neat and will stay in for longer (this is the option I chose).
  • Alternatively, you can braid in a looser fashion, which means you'll be able to pull the braid apart more, creating a tousled "look how effing sexy I am" effect, which is also gorgeous. But note that this braid will not last as long (may fall out throughout the day or over night).
  • It is best to finish off the braid with a small clear hair elastic or a small elastic similar in colour to your hair.
  • The first few times you do this style, it will be frustratingly slow and may not look exactly how you want it. But after you've done it a few times you get quicker and more consistent.

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