Tuesday, 19 February 2013

APP REVIEW: Nike training!

Lacking motivation... try this app.

There is nothing worse than going to the gym lacking interesting exercises... I'm sorry but a leisurely stroll/jog on the tredmil does not excite me. When this lul happens you quickly lose motivation.
Recently, I've been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and have been finding it difficult to think outside the square with my personal workouts. Usually I run or do PT... but lately I've been having to make up my own little sessions.
So I downloaded the free app 'Nike training'

You open up the app and these are the options you choose from for your workout.

As you can see, down the bottom of the screen you also can choose the option 'My Workouts'. This setting is a list of the workouts you have saved as workouts you like and would like to do again.

You then choose an appropriate level of exercise depending on how much exercise you do a week.

You then choose a workout you want to try. It also tells you how long the workout goes for.

Clearly I chose 'Get Lean' and Advanced. I chose the Razor Sharp Workout... for no reason... just a random choice. It's great you can set up a playlist to go along. I didn't for this session as I was so busy trying to concentrate on the demonstrations for the exercises. These are a list of some of the exercises you do and how long you do them for.

This is more of the list... the list is quite long! Hard work I tell you!

If you don't know how to do a particular workout such as a "Frogger", you can flick through the steps of the move to tell you how to do it.
At the top right corner you can see a video idon. If you click this image the app launches into a video of the Nike woman doing the exercise.

This is part of the 'Get Focussed" section which I thought was really helpful. Sometimes I like to do a whole session on my arms and then the next time work my butt/legs. This section is also good if you have an injury and want to steer away from say using your calf muscle.

Overall, I loved this app. It's interesting the whole way through and has great visual effects.
The only thing is... the first time you do the workout it can be hard to workout the whole time.. I was frequently watching demonstrations of the videos. It is important though, because you need to know how to correctly do the exercise.
The good thing is, the workout countdown only counts down actual exercise time and does not count the demonstration times.
I will be using this app again for sure!
Give it a try and tell us what you think!

Nike Training Club
Reviewed by Poodle Stalkers on Feb 19 2013
Rating: 4/5 

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